Your happiness is my ultimate goal

At Paul Cable Photography, you're my priority. Your satisfaction and vision drive my work. I'm devoted to bringing your photographic dreams to life. Understanding your needs and surpassing your expectations is my commitment. With every challenge, I aim to capture its essence, telling your story through my lens. Your happiness is my goal, and I'm eager to be part of your photography journey.

Photo of Paul Cable in the Studio with Camera
Photo of Paul Cable in the Studio

Two Decades of Trust:
Capturing the Beauty of People

For two decades, I've had the privilege of capturing the unique essence and beauty of countless individuals through my photography. This trust is deeply cherished and reflects the confidence my clients have in my ability. Each click of the camera's shutter is a responsibility, a commitment to safeguarding not only the physical presence but also the intangible qualities that make each person. This career is built on trust, responsibility, and a profound connection with the art of photography, and I'm dedicated to preserving many more individuals' essence and beauty in the years to come.

What Sets Me Apart
as Your Photographer

Affordable Prices

Every photography service provided is competitive and offers great value.

The Customer

Nothing matters more to me than customer satisfaction.


I've invested 20 years perfecting my expertise and always aim to do better.

Client Recommended

After a session with me you'll wish you had booked sooner.

What My Customers Say!

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Hi, I’m Suzanne Shaw. I have had many photo shoots in my time and I always dread the following: getting there, what do I wear, how long will I get and will I be happy with the end result. The answer to this question is with the service that Paul provides you don’t have to worry it all happens the comfort of your home. No need for a map or transport and your whole wardrobe is available. I don’t normally like photo shoots but with Paul I felt comfortable, relaxed and confident he really knows what his doing.

Suzanne Shaw

Paul made me feel completely at ease during my photo shoot. The studio was modern, and the music was just what I needed to relax. I'm so glad that I trusted the services at Creative8 Studios. See you soon for my dancers portfolio.

Aisha MAe

"I really enjoyed the headshot session with Paul. It was part of a group shoot, and the whole experience was comfortable and tailored to our needs. We had a great time, and I'm thrilled with how my headshots turned out. I highly recommend Paul to anyone in need of new headshots. Thank you!"

Annabel Grey

"I love this studio! Not only is it a place to create amazing shots, but it's also a great space to get inspired. Thank you Paul Cable Photography!"

Rosa Amos

"Paul has a great eye for photography, and he's very professional. I felt really comfortable while he took my headshots, and they turned out great! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a new actor's headshot."

Karl Markey Lee

"Hi Paul! Just gone through my final headshots you went over and I love them!! Honestly never thought I’d like myself in a picture but you’ve done the impossible and made me finally like pictures of myself! Thanks again."

Gaia Falcone

I got wide range of headshots during my session with Paul at Paul Cable Photography but the one I never normally like is a smiling one that I’m happy with. Fortunately, I was made to feel completely comfortable and I ended up fantastic headshots and three of of my final choices were smiling.

Robert Ryan

For my first headshots, I was nervous. But having friends along made it easier. Paul was friendly and creative, providing great suggestions for the photos. I'm delighted with the many excellent options. The selection process was very helpful. I highly recommend Paul Cable Photography, especially with friends.

Louisa Hamdi
The Man Behind the Lens

As the man behind the lens, I'm not merely a photographer; I consider myself a passionate artist with a mission to capture the essence of individuals. With over two decades of experience, I've honed my craft and evolved my approach to photography, transforming it into a personal experience for both my subjects and me.

Photography, to me, transcends mere technical skill; it's about forging connections with people. My focus is on making my subjects feel at ease, revealing the authentic stories and beauty within each person.

Over the years, as photography has evolved from traditional 35mm film to the digital realm, I've navigated these changes. While I appreciate the benefits of digital technology, I admit to harbouring a love-hate relationship with it. In this era of digital photography, I've observed a subtle erosion of the magic and specialness that once defined the art form.

In the days of 35mm film, every shot bore a weight of responsibility. I would ponder questions about the significance of each photograph, considering factors such as framing, exposure settings, and the value of the captured moment. Each picture was a deliberate choice, a moment cherished or enjoyed without the pressure to document every fleeting instance.

Despite the convenience of digital photography, I reflect on the unintended consequences of the unlimited capacity to take photos at any given moment—a luxury that comes at a cost, risking the loss of the genuine experience of the moment itself. In a world saturated with digital images, I emphasise the importance of preserving the authenticity and significance of each captured moment.

For me, Paul Cable, photography is not just about freezing moments in time; it's about creating a connection and preserving the unique essence of every individual I encounter. Through my lens, I strive to restore the magic and intention that once defined the art of photography.

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