I'm absolutely passionate about 35mm film photography. There's an undeniable allure to having a limited number of shots that truly ignites my love for the craft. Each frame becomes a thoughtful, deliberate decision—Is this the moment I want to capture? Is it composed just right? Are my camera settings spot on?

Mastering the craft

At the age of 11, my love and passion for photography started when my art teacher loaned me a Pentax fully manual 35mm camera for a project. The process of manually loading the film, the distinct click of the shutter, and the satisfying sound of winding the next frame became etched in my youthful mind.

The year was 1991 and film photography was both accessible and budget-friendly. You could often find me at the local chemist and video rental store for film development. The excitement of waiting for the film's development was similar to the anticipation of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

As I wait to collect my processed films, I would think about whether every aspect of the photographic process had been executed correctly. From the loading of the film, exposure settings and the alignment of the composition in order to capture the essence of the moment; after all some of these moments only happen once.

Today, my passion for photography endures. I experience great happiness from the familiar touch of my trusted 35mm Pentax camera, complete with its fixed 50mm lens. It accompanies me on holidays and to family gatherings, capturing moments that radiate a distinctive charm, a timeless quality that only developed photographs bring to each memory.

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