Film & TV

I began my journey into photography with the goal of becoming a behind-the-scenes photographer. While I'm still working my way up, here's a glimpse of my work so far.

Behind the Scenes

Working in the film and TV industry often deviates from the glamorous image many have in mind. It frequently entails early call times and extended workdays, with schedules prone to sudden changes. Locations can be remote and challenging to access due to limited public transportation or non-operational services during crucial times.

On the bright side, the people you collaborate with are typically enthusiastic, fostering a cooperative atmosphere throughout the day. The sets, landscapes, and backgrounds meticulously crafted by designers are nothing short of remarkable. When you combine these elements with costume design, the resulting photographs appear surreal. It feels like being part of a close-knit group of filmmakers who opted never to outgrow the joy of make-believe, creating magic every day.

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